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About Us


Tribhuvan Multiple Campus, situated in the naturally beautiful and environmentally appropriate place of Western Part of Nepal, Tansen has long been renowned as the center of academic activities since its very establishment. It is one of the constituent campuses of Tribhuvan University. It is one of the oldest campuses in Nepal and the first campus in the western region. It has a long history of its own. Realizing the need of an institution to offer higher education in the western region the campus got its inception as Tribhuvan Intermediate College in 2011 BC. But due to administrative difficulties it was closed after some months. With the initiation and efforts of the academicians, social workers, guardians, and businessmen the college was reopened in 2015 Jestha 30. On the occasion of the birth anniversary day of Late King Tribhuvan in 2017 Ashad 13 the college was renamed as Tribhuvan Degree College and it started Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities in the morning session. In 2018 the college started Intermediate level in Commerce. In the beginning, classes were run in Padmodaya Palpa Public High School. As the college continued to receive grants from the government and other bodies, it was shifted to the present building located at Lahare Pipal Tansen. There were many financial and administrative difficulties. The college could not continue I Com level classes. After receiving grants from Tansen Trade Union, District Panchayat Palpa, and Tansen Nagar Pachayat and collecting donations from the local people the college was able to run I Com level again. Some teachers and workers were recruited. In 2030, after the implementation of National Educational Policy the college became the Constituent College of Tribhuvan University and continued to receive annual grant from the government. Due to continuous support of the local people and organizations, and different national figures and bodies the college was able to make a solid base in imparting higher education to the people in the whole western region.

In 2030 it got its recognition as Tribhuvan Multiple Campus. Realizing the demand of the whole region, it started Science at Intermediate Level in 2038-2039. After about two years, the science faculty was shifted to the science building located at Batase Danda. Since then all the academic and administrative activities of the Science Faculty have been running in the two buildings located there. Another important step was to introduce the Master Level in Management in 2041-42. It became the first campus to run Master level course in the Western region after Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara. After the introduction of the faculty of Law in 2047-48, the campus started to offer wide varieties of subjects under the four faculties: Humanities, Management, Science and Law. To address the demand of the growing number of students the campus started the Bachelor Level in Science and Master Level in Economics in the same academic year.

To facilitate students and teachers’ learning and research activities, the campus has two libraries: one located at Lahare Pipal Campus area and another at Batase Danda. The history of the library is as old as that of the Campus itself. It came into existence as Tribhuvan College Library in 2011 BS. In its initial phase Prof. Hugh B. Wood from Oregon University, America made a remarkable contribution by offering 200 valuable books to the library in 2015. It continued to expand with the starting of new academic programs and subjects in different periods. Different national and international organizations, clubs, associations continued to provide resources to the library from time to time. The college has always encouraged the teachers for mini research and Ph. D. research. As a result it has witnessed the successful completion of many Ph. D and mini researches from the teachers under different professional development programs of UGC.

At present the campus has been conducting Bachelor's Degree in Humanities, Management, Education and Science and Master's Degree in Humanities, Education and Management. The campus offers English, Nepali, Economics in Master of Arts and English, Nepali, EPM and Health in Master of Education. From the academic year 2070 B.S., the campus has also launched BBM (Bachelor of Business Management). At present, there are about 200 students in BA, 350 students in B.Ed., 600 students in BBS, 350 students in B.Sc., 120 students in MA, 60 students in M.Ed. and 200 students in MBS. In spite of the growing number of private colleges in different areas, the campus is the center for higher education. Students from 20 districts like Dang, Pyuthan, Rolpa, Rukum, Arghakhanchi, Nepalgunj, Gulmi, Syagnja Parbat etc come to this campus for higher education. For the children of Ex-army men and under privileged students the campus has always been the best choice. In the last 62 years of its inception, Tribhuvan Multiple Campus has set several landmarks in educational history of Palpa district and its neighboring districts. Lakhs of students have been produced from this campus and there is very little chance not to find first class officers as products of this campus in all the government sectors.